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Private Labelled Moringa Products

We develop and supply moringa products such as Moringa leaf powder, Moringa Tea, Moringa Oil, Moringa Seeds, Moringa pellets for sale under Retailers' own brands. These are often referred to as Private Labels, Store Brands, Own Labels, Distributor Brands and Discount Brands. We innovate so that our customers get best-in-class products that deliver value and performance to the consumers. We're efficient, we can deliver products at the right time, at the right cost.

Own moringa farm, state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, low minimum orders, industry leading formulae and premium design services comprise the Grenera way of doing business. For Private Labels, we pack varied types of products tailored to the customer’s requirements in desired pack sizes.

Why Us?

Customized Packing

  • Eco Friendly Pouches
  • Multi colour Zip lock Pouches
  • Flat bottom Pouches
  • Printed pouches
  • HDPE Jars
  • HDPE bottles
  • PET bottles
  • Amber Glass bottle
  • Paper tubes


  • High Quality Organic Certified products
  • Competitive prices
  • Less Minimum order quantity
  • Timely delivery of the orders
  • 24/7 Support assistance.
  • Various payment options


  • Our experienced in house team of designers helps you to create your own unique label and brand with no additional charges.
  • Technical guidance throughout the process of designing the labels from our Quality Team

Our Product Range

Moringa Tea

Moringa Herbal Infusion40 g
Moringa Lemon Ginger Infusion40 g
Moringa Mint Infusion40 g
Moringa Ginger Infusion40 g
Moringa Apple Cinnamon Infusion40 g
Moringa Pomegranate Infusion40 g
Moringa Strawbery Infusion40 g

Tulsi Tea

Tulsi Madras Masala Infusion30 g
Tulsi Lemon Mint Infusion30 g
Tulsi Roibos Infusion30 g
Tulsi Green Tea Infusion30 g

Moringa Leaf Infusion

Moringa Loose Leaf Infusion100 g
Moringa Lemon Ginger Infusion100 g
Moringa Chai Infusion100 g
Black Assam Tea40 g
Green Tea40 g

Superfoods Smoothies

Moringa Choco Smoothie100 g
Moringa Almond Smoothie100 g
Moringa Mango Smoothie100 g
Moringa Pomegranate Smoothie100 g
Moringa Pineapple Smoothie100 g

Superfoods Powder

Triphala powder100 g
Turmeric powder100 g
Wheat grass powder100 g
Spirulina powder100 g
Moringa leaf powder100 g
Ashwagandha powder100 g
Curry leaf powder100 g
Curcumin powder100 g
Ginger powder100 g
Black pepper powder100 g
Neem powder100 g
Bharmi powder100 g
Psyllium powder100 g
Noni fruit powder100 g
Ceylon cinnamon powder100 g
Clove powder100 g
Bacopa monieri powder100 g
Tulsi leaf powder100 g
Gymnema Sylvestre powder100 g
Senna leaf powder100 g
Amla powder100 g
Black cumin seed powder100 g
Mulberry leaf powder100 g
Shatavari powder100 g
Fenugreek powder100 g

Food Supplements

Apple cider vinegar45 g
Green tea extract capsules45 g
Spirulina capsules45 g
Moringa capsules60 g
Moringa tablets60 g
Curcumin capsules+Piperine45 g
Triphala capsules45 g
Garcinia cambogia capsules45 g
Brahmi capsules45 g
Turmeric with pepper capsules45 g
Black pepper capsules45 g
Turmeric capsules45 g
Ashwagandha capsules45 g
Amla capsules45 g
Amla tablet45 g
Ashwagandha tablet45 g
Triphala tablet45 g
Wheat grass capsules45 g


Moringa Oil100 ml
Black cumin seed Oil100 ml
Neem Oil100 ml
Tamanu Oil100 ml

g - gram (1 gram is equal to 0.0352739619 oz - ounce)
ml - milliliter (1 millitliter is equal to 0.033814 fl oz - fluid ounce)

30 gram - 1.058 ounce
35 gram - 1.234 ounce
40 gram - 1.410 ounce
45 gram - 1.587 ounce
60 gram - 2.116 ounce
100 gram - 3.527 ounce
240 gram - 8.465 ounce

100 milliliter - 3.381 fluid ounce

Reason to choose us

Create your Brand Labels with the Guidance of Our Experienced Designers

30 kinds of Products to choose from the wide ranges of Superfood powders, Food Supplements, Herbal Teas, and Natural Cosmetics.

Customized Packing options include Eco-friendly, Foil, Printed and Kraft pouches, BPA-free Jars, Bottles, and Paper tubes.

Technical guidance throughout the process from our quality team.

High-quality Pesticide-Free Products with ease Transit Options

Will provide 3rd party lab report ( Microbial, heavy metals and pesticide analysis ).

We are ready to send Reference sample or Lot sample by using our DHL account.

Our importers located at various countries across the globe

Grenera Nutrients Pvt Ltd.

Committed To Delivering High Quality Private Label Moringa Products!

We supply the organic Private Label Moringa Products in bulk quantity. We are currently exporting to many parts of the world, especially to North America(USA, Canada), Europe(UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark), Asian countries(Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malayasia) and Australia.

Our Market

Customer Locations

We are amongst the leading manufacturers and exporters of this highly commendable range of Health Foods. In order to maintain this market standing, we engage in the utilization of the finest ingredients, in the best possible combination and abide by the FDA norms and guidelines. This ensures the product’s effectiveness, taste and shelf life. Further, the offered range is known to be marked at the most reasonable rate possible and is delivered in the most punctual manner.

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Augsburg | Berlin | Bielefeld | Bonn | Braunschweig | Bremen | Bremerhaven | Chemnitz | Coburg | Cologne | Cottbus | Dortmund | Dresden | Duisburg | Düsseldorf | Emden | Erfurt | Essen | Flensburg | Frankfurt | Freiburg | Fürth | Gera | Gießen | Göttingen | Hamburg | Hannover | Heidelberg | Hof | Ingolstadt | Jena | Karlsruhe | Kassel | Kiel | Koblenz | Leipzig | Lübeck | Magdeburg | Mainz | Mannheim | Munich | Münster | Nürnberg | Oldenburg | Osnabrück | Passau | Potsdam | Regensburg | Rosenheim | Rostock | Saarbrücken | Schwerin | Stralsund | Stuttgart | Ulm | Wiesbaden | Wuppertal | Würzburg

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Grenera Nutrients Pvt Ltd.
37-B, Puthupalayam,
Erode - 638115.
Tamilnadu, India

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We take great pride in everything that we do, complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality service.

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