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Pioneer Bulk Moringa Supplier:

Bulk moringa suppliers in India, how grenera cultivates moringa, how grenera manufactures moringa products, moringa powder process from farm to markets, and similar details are explained here. Grenera Nutrients Private Limited is a well reputed bulk organic Moringa powder supplier in India. Grenera is a pioneer in manufacturing Moringa and other herbal products. We are exporting our wide range of products worldwide. We have 300 acres of organic moringa farms. It is situated in Tamil Nadu, India. We are growing our moringa without adding any chemicals, or fertilizers. All our farms are Organic certified. We have a separate Quality control team. The quality control team checks the quality of each product. Each and every batch of our products are tested with our internal quality control team as well as third-party certified laboratories under strict industrial standards. We have a separate agriculture team. That team is periodically monitoring the plant growth, soil quality, teaches organic farming practices, and crop management details to the farmers.

Sustainable Moringa farming & Organic Moringa Cultivation:

We have our own moringa farms. Our agriculture team periodically monitors the plant and crop management. We are using organic fertilizers like Vermicompost and Panchagavya. These types of organic fertilizers help to increase the yield of the product, better soil quality, and water retention. We are using PKM1 seeds for farming. It is a shorter tree, but the pod yield is high. We already explained the organic farming and cultivation details in our previous blog. We collect Organic Moringa Leaves, Moringa fruit, and Moringa seeds. Moringa powder, Moringa powders, and Moringa Tea is prepared from Moringa Leaves. Moringa Seed oil, Moringa seed cake powder is prepared from Moringa seed. Moringa fruit powder is prepared from Moringa fruits. Grenera is one of the best bulk moringa suppliers in India. We test our products in each and every step like harvesting, processing/packing, and dispatching.

Manufacturing Moringa leaf, Moringa oil, Moringa pellets for animals, etc:

We have 50,000 sq.ft of Moringa processing units with in-build laboratories testing for microbial and pesticides. We ensure the quality of the products. We are leading Exporters to many countries including USA, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Australia. Grenera is the largest manufacturer, exporter, and bulk moringa suppliers in India. Moringa leaves are carefully collected and washed. We are using shadow-dried low temperatures under suitable conditions. In this method, the vital nutrients of moringa leaves are retained. The dried Moringa leaves are then ground into powder form. Moringa oil is obtained by pressing moringa oleifera seeds. We are using the cold-pressed method ( traditional method) to extract the oil. No heat has been applied at any stage of processing. So the nutrients are retained.
Moringa pellets are prepared from Moringa leaf powder and compressible starch (Molasses). Moringa pellets are used as animal feed such as goats, sheep, poultry, cattle, horse, and fish.

Manufacturing Moringa Tea & From Farm to Market:

Moringa Tea is prepared from dried Moringa leaves. Moringa tea is caffeine-free tea. We are providing a wide range of moringa tea products in bulk and retail packing. Moringa Apple cinnamon, Moringa Herbal Infusion, Moringa Green Tea, Tulsi Moringa Tea, Moringa Pomegranate Tea, Moringa Strawberry tea, Moringa rose infusions, Moringa ginger tea, Moringa mint tea are available currently. Moringa tea is the best option for health-conscious people. We are the bulk moringa suppliers in India. We are providing 20 to 30 tonnes of moringa products ( moringa leaf powder, moringa leaf, moringa pellets, moringa oil, and moringa tea, moringa seed cake ) monthly. All our products are available in bulk packing, retail packing as well as private label packing also available. We are accepting OEM/ODM (Original Equipment Manufacturing / Original Brand Manufacturing) services also. We test our products in each and every step like harvesting, processing/packing, and dispatching. We always concentrate on product quality, so our products are 100% pure, natural, and safe.

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