Moringa in Daily Diet


Steep it as a tea

If you’re looking for more dimensional flavor, you can find various brands selling moringa-based or moringa-infused teas, such as Traditional Medicinals’ Organic Moringa with Spearmint and Sage.
Mix it into smoothies

Sure, you may already be adding adaptogens, protein powder, and who knows what else to your smoothie, but moringa—whether it be in powder or whole-leaf form—is worth the added assembly-line step, given the nutritional punch it packs. It blends extra well with green smoothies, like this tropical one made with pineapple, mint, and lime.
Sprinkle it into soups

You can sprinkle moringa powder or add moringa leaves into any liquid recipe—especially soups like bloat-busting asparagus, hormone-balancing miso, or immunity-boosting squash and chickpea.
Bake it into… anything

Moringa powder can also be tossed into just about any baked good, but since it will turn the item green, some recipes may fare aesthetically better than others. Chocolate brownies or muffins, zucchini bread, and anything involving mint are all good choices to start, as is Breakfast Criminals’ recipe for cacao matcha
Green up your guacamole

You know what else moringa’s a match for? Avocados! Mix moringa into your favorite guacamole recipe for an added antioxidant boost.
Shake it into salad dressing

Moringa can be easily stirred into store-bought or homemade salad dressing, which is proof positive it’s easy being green.

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