Grenera Nutrients has 5 varieties for moringa products. Moringa is a highly nutritious supplement that you can sprinkle into recipes or drink as a tea. Moringa oleifera, a flowering plant long known in India for its nutritional properties. Grenera offer Moringa Capsules, Moringa Powder, Moringa Tea, Moringa Oil, Moringa Body Butter and Moringa Oil. All our moringa products are organic and rich in nutrients.



Moringa Capsules are convenient dietary supplements

Moringa Capsules by Grenera Nutrients each contain 500 mg of fine moringa powder. They make a great daily addition your healthy diet.

Moringa Powder adds a unique punch to your healthy lifestyle

Moringa Powder by Grenera Nutrients is made from organically grown moringa leaves ground into a fine powder. Ideal for adding to recipes, our Moringa Powder has a unique, spicy flavor and provides the same nutritional benefits as other moringa products. Moringa powder benefits can now be tasted in many dishes with our natural moringa powder.


Moringa Tea comes in eight refreshing flavors

Moringa Tea from Grenera Nutrients is made from 100% organic moringa and green tea leaves, naturally dehydrated and sold in individual tea bags. We offer 8 variants of Moringa oleifera tea. All our Moringa Teas are rich in nutrients.


Moringa Oil is a Superfood for healthy skin


Moringa Oil from Grenera Nutrients is derived from the seeds of our organic moringa seeds. Known to the ancient Egyptians as a great skin care product, our moringa oil can be used as a pre-bath lotion, as a skin moisturizer, or for dry hair.

Moringa Body Butter nourishes your skin


Grenera Body Butter with Moringa Oil is a soothing way to give your skin the benefits of moringa. Our moringa body butter includes only natural, organic ingredients to make your skin feel healthy and refreshed.

Where to buy Moringa Oleifera?

Grenera Nutrients has the variety you are looking for people all over the world are discovering the nutritional benefits of moringa, and Grenera Nutrients makes 5 organic varieties. Browse our website for more information, or buy Moringa through our online shop.

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