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We grow and process our own organic moringa trees on our farms, saving you big on the world’s only certified organic moringa powder.

Grenera Nutrients Moringa Powder benefits are easy to sprinkle on your lifestyle

Adding Moringa Powder by Grenera Nutrients to your lifestyle is as simple as adding a scoop to your favorite smoothie recipe. In larger amounts more than ½ tablespoon of moringa powder tastes like horseradish. In smaller amounts, you won’t notice it. Two small portions per day is all you need. Ideally, moringa powder is a great table condiment. Unlike other herbs, moringa powder is not a good main ingredient, as cooking destroys most of its nutrients. Some people take it with water and a twist of lemon or with their favorite beverage.



Ginger Apple Juice Recipe to get maximum Moringa Powder Benefits

Try this simple pear, apple, and ginger root drink with Moringa Powder by Grenera Nutrients. Use equal parts pears and apples in a juicer and add ginger root to taste. Add your moringa powder to the juice and stir. We recommend the full scoop, but if you want to test out the taste first, use a smaller amount. Explore moringa vitamins as a quick, daily supplement or read about moringa tea benefits for more enjoyable ways to add nutrition to your day!


Moringa Mango Smoothie

Product Details

Moringa Oleifera Powder


Organic Moringa Leaf Powder. 100% Vegan. No fillers,binders or common allergens.


Add 1 scoop of Moringa Powder to your favorite beverage and shake well for proper mixing. You can take this mixture once or twice daily.

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